Taking note of the fact that the JK Developmental Action Group (JK DAG), in pursuance of its mandate, is required to undertake various operations including financial transactions, procurement of goods and services etc., for providing the requisite assistance to the vulnerable sections of society and integrating them into the development process, also organization (JK DAG) has always been committed to and continues to be committed to observing high standards of propriety, transparency and accountability in its functioning, Further taking into account that in view of the increasing scope of functioning of the organization(JK DAG), especially in the context of its commitment to work towards securing the rights of women, children and other vulnerable sections of society as recognized by international conventions, it is now felt that the framework of the Governing Policy related to financial matters, procurement of goods and management of human resources to be followed for optimally and credibly achieving the objectives of the organization (JK DAG) needs to be drawn up in more specific terms to guide the functioning of the organization (JK DAG) at all levels, The governing body of the organization (JK DAG) has adopted the Governance Policy contained herein to guide the functioning of the organization (JK DAG) at all levels, and while doing so it recognizes that:
a) The Governing body shall reserve the right to make such amendments to the policy as may become necessary from time to time.
b) The policy is not intended to come in the way of providing immediate succour to needy persons under extraordinary or emergent circumstances, in which case departure from the procedures can be approved by the founder president or the person authorized by the Governing body of JK DAG for reasons to be recorded in writing.
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